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Accesoires Raider Boats

Auxiliary bracket
Auxiliary bracket Texas Boats Auxiliary bracket


Prijs € 184,- Incl. BTW
Back drop canopy for Raider Fisherman / Wheelhouse
Back drop canopy Texas Boats Back drop canopy



Prijs € 1005,- Incl. BTW
Full canopy for Raider Fisherman / Wheelhouse
Full canopy Texas Boats



prijs € 1.675,- Incl. BTW
Fishing canopy for Raider Cuddy
Fishing canopy Texas Boats Fishing canopy



Prijs € 815,- Incl. BTW
Stainless steel keel band
Keel band Texas Boats


Prijs € 387,- Incl. BTW
Transom door
Transom door Texas Boats Transom door


Prijs € 637,- Incl. BTW
Stainless steel Bath ladder with wooden steps
Bath ladder Texas Boats



Prijs € 285,- Incl. BTW
Stainless steel Roof railing
Roof railing Texas Boats



Prijs € 425,- Incl. BTW
Stainless steel Roof railing with 4 rod holders
Roof railing Texas Boats Roof railing   Roof railing



 Prijs € 649,- Incl. BTW
Rear bench with waterproof cushion
Rear bench Texas Boats


Prijs € 875,- Incl. BTW
Ice Box - Icey-Tek

Ice box



Ice box

Icey-Tek cool boxes - ideal for every day use.

Size from 25L - 135L

Ice retention up to 12 days

Heavy duty materials

Drainage bungs

Stay fresh -Fish keep net
Fish net Texas Boats Fish net

Stay Fresh - stores your catch outboard

- there are no more smelly fish on board

- keeps your catch fresh all day long


NT 1300 Roller Trailer for Raider 16 Cuddy
NT 1300Roller Texas Boats



NT 1500 Roller Trailer for Raider 18 Fisherman
NT 1500 Roller Texas Boats



NT 2600 Roller Trailer for Raider 640 Pilot House
NT 2600 Roller Texas Boats




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